21 Aug 2013 Calm amidst the storms I hope

Great workout 3:00 AM (went immediately back to sleep and woke up before congee: this is my strategy for maintaining my “streak of first thing morning workouts” when I retire late and, of my own volition, wake at 3 or so): 20 minute workout: weight movement supine, 100 lowrise steps (conducted at nursing station owing to the fact that a family was keeping a death-watch in the ward), 25 dance movements!!! Standing!

I was standing in a cab queue the day before yesterday and discovered I could do simple side-to-side keep the beat aerobic movements, the basis of all other moves in many standing aerobic workouts. I have not dared to try these owing to intense pain after short walks and clumsiness when I try running movements that causes falls. I believe this new abiity may very well be progress and today’s cautious result is another “data point” in the right direction.

Now at Queen Mary Cancer Center waiting for a status meeting and the results of a blood test. Not too worried about the Facebook block (cf previous WordPress post concerning this). But frustrated, forgot to bring a single dead-tree book to read while cannot use computer owing to recharge or just frustration. I wish I had my Johansen (History of Ancient Philosophy) and Kant books.

I do have a sketchpad and need to start on a cartoon idea, and a birthday card for my grandkids. I need to find out the birth date from my kid but it’s not strictly necessary. So some time with my “cheap laptop”: pencil, pen and notebook, that’s the ticket. Worked for Orwell, worked for Gramsci, and it worked for me in the early years of my divorce, in the middle 1980s. Still works. Never bored.


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