21 Aug 2018: Moderate post written by me, Edward G Nilges, was removed from Facebook, and, I was suspended from posting for 12 hours

The following moderate post concerning the dialog and the politics of “Islamic extremism” was, to my considerable surprise, blocked last night China time. It begins immediately after “Comment by EGN” and ends with “loud drunk in the bar”, perhaps unfortunately.

Comment by EGN triumph, disaster, triumph, disaster, Wednesday 21 March morning…next memo shall be my usual. I am still available on facebook. Do not discuss my issue there for your own personal peace of mind, please. Here is the friendly moderate post which triggered the FB action.

Fair enough, ***** REDACTED FB FRIEND NAMES REMOVED *****. But if you examine the history of interaction you find that the verbal and physical abuse started with the West. The sanctions campaign against Iraq took place in the 1990s. It was an act of war that deliberately targeted women and children, not soldiers and leaders, and as such was a war crime committed by the United Nations.

For me at the personal level, the only way out of the problems I’ve created with my defects of character or the defective characters of others has been the mutual soul searching and admission of fault but “debate” (duh-bate) is always a shouting match in which the “pundits” most popular and well-paid are Johnny One Notes like *****REDACTED FB FRIEND NAME***** and Samuel Huntington who advance an extremist narrative of West is Best sure to radicalize thoughtful Muslims.

At a minimum, the West and Islam need to compare notes. In fact, during President Bush’s administration, Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proposed precisely this. In a sense he was looking for a soft target given Bush’s poor speaking and mangled logic but this simply shows what a disaster Bush’s presidency was, and how the West has often been untrue to its vision of itself.

We’re not only the pure crusader, el Cid in the Hollywood film of that name shining at the end of the film. We’re also the loud drunk in the bar.

1 Name of undisclosed Facebook Member and Friend


3 Responses to “21 Aug 2018: Moderate post written by me, Edward G Nilges, was removed from Facebook, and, I was suspended from posting for 12 hours

  1. Extraordinary to have blocked what to me appear to be very sensible comments.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      I agree! As best as I can determine the FB post refers to older times. When I was young, way back in the Fifties, Arab diplomats, who’d drink in European capitals, would not in Washington out of respect for the USA’s more even-handed policies of the time. But for Facebook, time started in 1991 or 2000, not 1949. As a result they lack Noam Chomsky’s, and my, ability to do deeper (and by definition truer) tale of how we created “radical Islam”.

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