24 Aug 2013


20 min first thing: 50 supine movements *sans* weights, 150 lowrise steps, walking, 50 dance movements with walking stick (the old soft shoe). No need for pain med at end of workout.

Kant Study

Trying to read Dieter Henrich’s seminal study of Kant’s arguments in the Transcendental Deduction: doubly difficult in that it’s a series of text-images and the only way of reading it is careful scrolling with the touchpad. Hard to believe that, according to Henrich, Heidegger simply took the 1781 arguments as definitive when (to my understanding) they have an oversimplified account of the transition from sensation to intuition-of-concept.

It’s quite possible that Heidegger never even understood the arguments of the 1787 edition. Many philosophers seem not to have understood them, including PF Strawson who bases his rather snotty opinion of Kant (in The Bounds of Sense) on 1781. Jiggered if I do which is why my “Johansen class” (a reading of Johansen’s “A HIstory of Ancient Philosophy”) is being delayed for ANOTHER read thru of the Transcendental Deduction material in the Critique.

To just use the first edition is like imagining that America’s constitution is its (1782!) Articles of Confederation and ignoring its (1789!) Constitution despite the clear statements of the Founders! Tea Bag quality stupidity!


D and I back together, found a flat. She didn’t like the fact that the bedroom was small and way in the back, but I was just relieved to find an apartment. I went to work at Northwestern University for my former supervisor at Princeton.

On my first day I was supposed to show for a meeting to discuss how Information Centers could support a student pizza initiative. You see, the new owners of Northwestern, a consortium of Indian billionaires (from India, that is) wanted the students to have pizza at registration, and a specific type of “fluffy red” pizza. Our job was to make sure the students got it.

At first, I couldn’t find the pizza restaurant in the student mall…a huge collection of shops just for Northwestern students, laid out confusingly. I finally found it after the meeting ended, and got what I needed to know along with some (cold) “Fluffy Red” pizza.


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