27 Aug 2013: Quantum Metaphilosophy

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30 minute workout at 6:20 AM, first thing: 250 supine movements without weights, 175 lowrise steps, walking, 100 dance movements with walking stick (the old soft shoe) outside at the entrance, 250 supine movements WITH weights. Then, at 9:30 AM, 20 minutes on the rackety rower: 8 centuries (100 strokes) with and without hand weights, including two centuries empty hand rowing without using the foot paddles.

Looking over Kant reading notes plan to scan and key them in as a review. Need to get as clear as sitdownTragedies and wikipedia seem to be on the structure of the Critique.

Apperception is judgement (the Clue): but we discover in the Transcendental deduction that apperception embeds all memories of previous apperceptions such that when we look at Degas, the painting is a Madeleine for us, a biscuit whose taste and smell brings back le Temps Perdu. My shrink said in 1981, when you look at Eddie asleep, your gaze incorporates all of your past and you also gaze for the Ancestors who need your eyes.

Therefore, my (graphical) Turing machine of the scarey Clown concept needs memory boxes of potentially infinite depth. When we contemplate a memory we can do so with full-on apperception, creating a memory of that contemplation. Likewise when we have a dream.

As a teacher I need to explain the Critique. But if there’s no consensus among authorities: if there are still serious philosophers who think Kant was an idealist because they read the 1781 edition only, then I have to develop a branch of “quantum metaphilosophy”.

Wow, that sounds impressive. What is it? It is a taxonomy (classification) of philosophical views in detail and in depth that avoids its own philosophical committments. The teacher, qua teacher, cannot force his students to learn his pet interpretation. He has to ask questions of his students and present the possible views.

That is metaphilosophy. As touching Kant it’s quantum because we don’t know the “position and momentum” therefore we need to teach “inequalities” (this view is not that view) and ranges of views.

Dream: I return, night after night, to the Lake Michigan shore along the residential districts of Evanston where my brother and I used to shovel snow for a Congresswoman back when that meant something good.

No more black body hair in consequence of the hormone therapy. It’s like getting a male Speedo wax for free. All I feel on my legs is a little resistance that I’d feel on the birdie legs of girls who weren’t conscientious about shaving their legs. Best kind of girl, that. We all have better things to do.

Back then we dealt with and enjoyed cascades of hair from all sorts of places.

Change Record

28 Aug 2013 Put foreign words and phrases in italics
28 Aug 2013 Wikipedia link


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