28 Aug 2013: “When LOVE, at portal to an Other’s fair”

When LOVE, at portal to an Other’s fair
Perceives something awry, it doesn’t rush in
To where an Angel with bright bedabbl’d hair
Holds up the gleaming sword of hell and sin
“This other’s bright fair may not be for you”
“If in dull seize you crush its life and truth”
“And leaving you both chain’d in wilds of Zoo”
“And naught but regret and verifiable ruth”
“Which poor Fool you didn’t advantage”
“Now that nobody’s vouch’d your truth”
“Leaving you prey solitary to fear and rage”
“Like a loser, like Oswald, or like Edwin Booth.”
Yes: Love, when made wise through life’s hard annoy,
Stops you at the doorsmile lest your joy it destroy.

Edward G. Nilges 28 Aug 2013: copyright 2013 by Edward G. Nilges: moral rights asserted


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