8 Sep 2013: Causeway Bay is well worth a Mass

Short note today! I have extensively updated 7 Sep with notes as to my studies and a Sharpe’s Rifles dream.

30 minute workout, then, this Sunday morning at 6:05 AM: 300 lowrise steps, walk, 150 dance steps (the old soft shoe), and supine motion: 150 without weights, 150 with.

Next Sunday I shall go into Causeway Bay, probably alone, to go to Mass at Saint Paul’s. The highly visible school for girls, many of whose students would come to me in my salad days for lessons at my nearby learning center, is affiliated with a church with the Mass in English whereas the church nearest me has only Mass in Chinese.

I would certainly understand the Chinese mass. Catholic services have enough sound and visual cues so that Catholics worldwide can attend and profit from services in foreign languages.

Altho the parish priest, who visits me faithfully, assures me that I do not have to go to Mass because of my condition, I’d like to try to start.

“And that he will not get him to Mass, liliburlero bullen a la
Shall make him turn out and look like an Ass!”


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