10 Sep 2013: No poat was made owing to weird day will probably post for 10 and 11 Sep romorrow

i failed to work out first thing, had a great physio workout after congee, but this was so INTENSE that I returned to my bed and slept ’til 3 PM. Having severe problems with my lack of 300/350 power magnification  readers as my vision heads south. Going to bed (sleep, that is) at nine today so as to get up at five and not allow my unexpected long nap to screw up my Circadian rhythms. Working o thie damned coursera. Al Filreis is teaching basic vocab not advanced usage of words in a POETRY class. Where is a SELECTIVE online class!!?? Must I interact with people who think that “slant” is an adjective in Emily Dickinson’s line “Tell the truth but tell it slant”??. 

Who misuse relativism to as to avoid being wrong?

It’s the wrong side of enough, and I am fed up.




2 Responses to “10 Sep 2013: No poat was made owing to weird day will probably post for 10 and 11 Sep romorrow”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    Not only that, that Al Filreis has to teach 19th century usage to grad student admins of his poetry class. No, this is unacceptable to have to “compete” with the madding and ignorant crowd. I mean, I love Indians, but thay cannot prove their English skills in one of these classes. Engllish, like Sanskrit, Hindu and Gujarat is a language with a deep history and I WILL NOT BE CONVINCED OTHERWISE.

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    I will email my concerns to Al Filreis (no contact with him, being judged by unqualified people) and not seek certification from this class. It’s absurd, like a man my age chasing teenaged girls. I will read the poems I’m interested in and post papers on those poems for discussion.

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