15 Sep 2013

20 minute workout first thing: 150 supine warmup movements without weights, 250 lowrise steps (goal was 300: did 150 with right leg pushoff, 100 with left leg pushoff – unable to get past 100 on the left leg, 250 total, will retry tomorrow), 150 supine movements with weights.


Outlining of Transcendental Deduction continues but with great difficulty – recording Kant’s points verbatim, cannot translate them to simpler or more modern English lest I lose the meaning.

Have finished section 20 which, according to Dieter Henrich is key especially when conjoined with section 26 gist (perhaps) as a direct quote, and my comments in square brackets:

“All sensible intuitions [sense data in Humean terms, once transformed by the activity of our mind into intuitions such as “I see the sunrise”] stand under the categories [are defined by, judged to be dependent on, 1 or more categories].”

Extending this now with my own words:

“What I see isn’t an abstract painting or a figment of my imagination it is an instance of the category ‘sunrise’.”

We’re like the Terminator in the Arnold Schwarzenegger/Linda Hunt/Eddie Furlong movie Terminator II whose heads-up screen (a visor which displays information in line of sight) displays information about friends or enemies, that uses categories.

Reading Johansen (A History of Ancient Philosophy)

Also having difficulty with Platonic Ideas as discussed in various dialogues, covered by Johansen. To say that the Idea is just the perfection of a reality, which ignores Ideas based on Sophistical fictions and inferior things (the Idea of the Toilet) ignores the large amount of work Plato did on these counter-examples in the later dialogs including (if memory serves) the Timaeus. The problem right now being that I cannot conveniently access the dialogues in free Gutenberg form on my Congee-damaged PowerBook. Never say die, I can access them here on this Windows desktop in the common or day room, and get the PowerBook fixed, hopefully, as soon as tomorrow.

Johansen remains however readable in comparison to Kant or a commentator on Kant because the Platonic dialogues are less complex than the Critique of Pure Reason. Perhaps I am just being macho, trying to hold it together because, truth be told, I am still exhausted after ten hours of sleep. This isn’t good if it has to do with my illness. I will retire early and start the workout not earlier than six AM.

This could just be an after effect of chemo. The last blast was just last week. Then, one hopes, the greater mortality of the bad (cancer) cells will manifest in an increase in strength. But wir sagt?, who knows.


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