18 Sep 2013: a Note on the Lack of Quality in Apple Products

Don’t worry about quality: fire anonymous engineers who won’t suck up to the CEO: make your serious money by starving the very districts that produce great engineers of tax dollars as you park your money overseas.

The result? The hyped magnetic connection to power on the MacBook Pro and the Mac Air, designed to solve one nonproblem (a laptop being pulled off a desk) is a major failure point. The “brilliant idea” to make the power connection magnetic but insecure, easily failing when it appears a solid connection exists, was shoved down everyone’s throats by a spoiled lower middle class BRAT (Steve Jobs) and because the idea was from on high, it’s impossible to opt out of the insecure connection and get a traditional, and reliable, power connection. The bottom line is that the power connection, as indicated by an amber or green light, is unpredictably hard to establish when the power cord is kinked or tangled. You have to certain that you have this, otherwise, 30 minutes to an hour later you will discover that your power is down below 15%.

A partial solution is easy.    A third light powered by a source internal to the device should glow a dull underpowered red when the device is attached to any power source but isn’t recharging.

The solution shows contempt for the user since you must drop everything you were doing and re-establish the power connection because this is a single potential source of failure: no green or amber light, no work gets done.

I don’t know where people get the idea that intensive computer users such as myself are having a great time, playing games and Facebooking. The fact is that the computer has become a lifeline and without it, I’d be cut off. I make no apologies for taking university classes online to keep from going completely batshit insane or for hoping for news about my grandchildren. And I make no apology for the fact that in Sep 2010 for the first time in my life I was able to publicise an unfair termination using Facebook rather than take the abuse in silence and stuff the pain. Suddenly the game has changed: an unfair termination of one of us who doesn’t count triggered the Arab spring around the same time.

Yet I am supposed to depend on an unreliable and incompetently designed interface consisting of a magnet and a light such that without it I have to hump in pain to a public facility here, and an internet cafe, or at the public library.

“Once I built a railroad, made it run, made it race against time: once I built a railroad, now it’s done…buddy can you spare a dime?” I was part of a team at Princeton University that united the old Arpanet and IBM’s Bitnet, creating the Internet and then the Web. But now I have to fight for access to this tool of production.

It makes me puke.

20 Sep Note on the Problem Solution

Turns out that cleaning the connector and its receptacle with rubbing alcohol solves the problem.

Now, in the game, my discovery more properly re-discovery, of this factoid is supposed to be accompanied by a retraction, an auto da fe in which I re-affirm Jobs’ superior wisdom.

Only I ain’t gonna. I do not have to clean power connectors on PCs, and, more importantly, I do not have to waste hours to finally remember Nick the Brain, call him on speed-dial, and get the answer.


One Response to “18 Sep 2013: a Note on the Lack of Quality in Apple Products”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    See above note in the text: “Note 20 Sep on the Problem Solution”

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