18 Sep 2013: I dreamed I lived in marble halls

First thing 20 minute workout: 220 low-rise steps as planned, need to build up more gradually to 300 and beyond. May not even choose to do so. Also did movement with and without weights and plan on a physio section this afternoon.

Indeed, completed that physio; did six centuries (sets of 100) on the rackety rower, about half with weights.

Symptoms such as poor vision a bit less today, but I am on 400 magnification which gives my small-print copy of Johansen (History of Ancient Philosophy) an unparalleled sharpness: but I can get this on my trashed-up PowerBook and I am sick of throwing money at Apple…don’t want the iPad, it would probably be more problems.

Probably in the TMI (Too Much Information) department would be this morning’s severe constipation and a male nurse excavation, excruciatingly painful and accompanied by a lecture in drinking plenty of water.

He who dwells in marble halls rolls his poop into little balls. So says the poet, but I miss the ease of bowel movements before all this nonsense began. Now they are a major operation as I march, the march of Mahler’s doomed in his aria Revelge (tralalee) towards the Toilet with walking stick and book. Man versus Toilet.


3 Responses to “18 Sep 2013: I dreamed I lived in marble halls”

  1. Ed, eat a serving of prunes at night (brush your teeth well or
    the prunes will rot your teeth) and drink a large glass of water.
    By morning (after your exercise) you should find relief. Another
    solution is cigarettes and coffee but they may be difficult to come by:)

  2. spinoza1111 Says:

    I had some prunes…they were part of a welcome wagon gift pack. Thanks for your suggestions, the situation has improved somewhat. Dad had this problem when I was taking care of him in 2003.

    • Good to hear from you,Ed. Dad was constipated until he died. He never got enough exercise and after he was hit by a car that became impossible. I’ve had bouts of it but it hasn’t been a problem lately. Lots of water and prunes before bed really seems to work. Doctors will tell you not to worry about it too much but you don’t want to let it go too long. Love you and Allen and Jeff say hello.

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