19 Sep 2013

30 minute workout at 6:35 AM first thing: warmup, 220 lowrise steps still hard to do, walking, 10 midrise steps, rests. No physio today.

Nick the Brain provided me with what appears to be the definitive solution to a maddening power link failure in which the little light on the magnetic power link doesn’t turn on when you snap it in or even dies when you have been using it for awhile.

Computer problems drive a Sensitive Soul like me batshit because I have to waste time concerning my self with base and ignoble things.

Nick the Brain recommends cleaning the contacts with rubbing alcohol and then blowing on them to dry ’em. My bed happens to have a supply of rubbing alcohol we use for sanitation. I cleaned the contacts carefully and bingo, green then amber light. I was going to have to go in on Saturday since Friday is a public holiday for the Mid-Autumn Festival.

I have also structured and engineered the cabling in my bed for the laptop to make it safe and more reliable.

But the bottom line is that I can no longer be warehoused like many single men in HK, who have a room containing a bed and nothing else, so they spend whole days lying in bed. I have got to investigate alternatives to this, where I could get outside in Sheung Wan and find a dai pan dong. I need to mosey more. On beautiful days like today.


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