28 Sep 2013: Things Fall Apart, the Center Cannot Hold

20 minute workout first thing. Only 126 steps using lowrise stepper since did not warm up properly and the fist 100 were painful in consequence. Duh, so warm up using supine aerobics first.

Plan for tomorrow: warm up, supine aerobics as needed to avoid todays problems. Go from a weightless supine warm up to one with weights to one sans weights with weights with 300 total motions, transitioning as needed. Then do 100 midrise steps. Then cool down supine with and then without weights. Shoot for 30 minutes.

I have fallen permanently behind on all my planned projects because of the demands of disease: things fall apart. I wonder what it’s like to flunk a MOOCC (Massively Online Open Courseware Course). Does one flunk “massively” with headlines all over the world, NILGES FLUNKS MODPO? For I definitely won’t be able to keep up with Al Filreis’ MOOCC based at Penn on Modern Poetry, owing to this “fell sergeant”, stage IV prostate.

My last effort was most of an essay on Emily Dickinson’s use of poetic levels (lexical in rhyme and scansion, grammatical and then in terms of meaning. But in the afternoon planned for writing I fell asleep.

I really hate being once again incomplete in justifying my demands for Recognition.

In seeking Recognition
As we always seem to do
Remember, ’tis Importunate:
To thine own Self be True.
And when the Self in search of wealth
Or what it always is in want, Approval,
Loses the thread behind the curtain
It must wait for rescue by a kitten.

Edward G. Nilges, with again profuse and by now insincere apologies to the Belle of Amherst


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