30 Sep 2013: and made the kites to wet their beaks clack clack

The company of a beautiful woman is always analgesic for a real man as he ages.  He is biologically programmed to remember when he was at his peak; el Cid Compreador, Captain Carpenter:

Captain Carpenter rose up in his prime
Put on his pistols and went riding out
But had got wellnigh nowhere at that time
Till he fell in with ladies in a rout.

This makes him forget his troubles. More than this, he needs only her company and nothing more, quite the opposite: this is a ceremony of innocence lost and recovered.

20 minute workout first thing: 150 lowrise steps, walking, movement with and without weights. Didn’t do physio visited Causeway Bay instead in the company of the lovely and talented N, discovering that walking in the company of another, especially if she’s lovely and talented, is analgesic. Will try some experiments including walking with another and solitary walks (longer than I do today) to see if either reduces the pain.

Objectively, my literacy of style and the generally solitary lifestyle I describe sound “creepy.” Well, “let us not speak falsely now, the hour is much too late”, there is something creepy, even Fascistic, in the style and content of what I write. But (I think) this is only because I am making an extremity of effort to survive in the shape I find myself to be in, like an ancient Greek kouros which has existed centuries merely to be unearthed or brought up from the bottom of the sea.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 6.32.24 PM

Captain Carpenter got up on his roan
And sallied from the gate in hell’s despite
I heard him asking in the grimmest tone
If any enemy yet there was to fight?

“To any adversary it is fame
If he risk to be wounded by my tongue
Or burnt in two beneath my red heart’s flame
Such are the perils he is cast among.”

“But if he can he has a pretty choice
From an anatomy with little to lose
Whether he cut my tongue and take my voice
Or whether it be my round red heart he choose. “


2 Responses to “30 Sep 2013: and made the kites to wet their beaks clack clack”

  1. I love your writing style! It’s not creepy, it’s real.

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