4 Oct 2013

30 minutes first thing: 150 lowrise steps, 300 movements with and without weights, walk, 20 midrise steps.

I thought that I had the opportunity to do something meaningful with my life in a simple retirement, funded by Social Security but oops, comes now, right on schedule, Nemesis in the form of those God-damned idiot Know-Nothing Republicans…and the possibility (not the likelihood) of non-payment of Social Security benefits after 17 Oct. When I realized that Republican intransigence may force debt defaults on 17 Oct I was depressed, angry and fearful but then I “goaled-up”, that is, I simply asked myself, as I have about similar threats in the past, what goal results from the crisis: what actions I should take at this time.

The gesture is Hegelian. The Republican shutdown, and the potential loss of my social security in a US debt default, is the frightening thesis. One must then find some sort of antithesis.

Take a look at the illustration below. The thesis (yes, I will italicize thesis and antithesis as a snooty way of showing-off, that I know these words to be in actuality, Greek, and be-damned) is the scary predator eagle. The antithesis (take that, reactionary Fascistic business administration majors) is the magnanimous mouse:  “thou wilt be as valiant as the wrathful dove or most magnanimous mouse” (Shakespeare, Henry IV part 2).

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 10.27.06 AM

For me in my situation, the antithesis, the “last great act of defiance” as above, is the written documentation of the goal-in-response which here is “make the plan to survive a debt default and the loss of Social Security”.

This will be to return to the workplace here in Hong Kong if that is necessary for survival. But as a first step, I checked my savings to realize that I have almost 7 months of savings on which to survive if there is an “economic” shutdown of government of 16 October, and the government walks away from debt obligations including Social Security payments.

In addition one of my old radical (SDS) pals suggested, on Facebook, a jobsite that looks like it has offerings that are perfect for my situation.

Most important I was able to stop worrying about the shutdown and the possibilities of default.

Furthermore, I realised that I needed to make a constructive antithesis as a condition of staying in good health, one that would acknowledge, and constructively act upon, my legitimate anger.

I once heard an otherwise forgettable motivational speaker say, “goals are magic” and they are.


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