11 Oct 2013

20 Minutes first thing (50 midrise steps), 150 warmup movements, with and without weights.

Sunday’s first agon, was the one in which I first crossed the “screaming barrier” where you bother other patients and have “10 over 10” pain, which breaks the measuring device of your own perception and therefore means that the “actual” pain could be higher than 10/10 having such values as 12/10 (with, possibly, part of the pain being caused by not-knowing if Aristotle is right and we long to know), taught me among other things that I may need these lessons at the endgame.

With possibly a lifespan of months and those months spent in increasing unawareness and no more godlike mobility.

Which exacerbates, does not reconcile the need to know. In Sunday’s agon I was still the observer, trying to store up “impressions” for my “journey” like Flashman’s blasted wife Elspeth in Madagascar or Boswell in Scotland…and making  a dog’s dinner of it, scupper my kidneys, else.

Which exacerbates and does not reconcile my need to be with my son and my granddaughters.

The Chorus begins, softly, with quiet cymbals, at first a confusion of voices and instruments later triumphant…

Pace we slow pace we soft
For ’tis known how well and oft
Philosophy comes a cropper at the solemn time of death

Pace we slow pace we soft
For ’tis known how well and oft
That proud man the cynosure of Nature
Is at Nature’s mercy at the limit beyond the Pillars of Hercules

Pace we slow pace we soft
For as Oedip knew so well
There’s none can tell
Whether beyond this life there’s reassurance
For he who has worn life’s many harsh robes of  ‘durance


4 Responses to “11 Oct 2013”

  1. spinoza1111 Says:

    I see, increasingly, places where ads with unpredictable and uncontrollable content may appear since I use WordPress for free. Moreover, I can’t easily pay wordpress to get rid of ads since my bank, HSBC, won’t offer the “Occupy Debit Card” which allows online payment from cash balances and thereby prevents either predatory lending or Shopaholicking, where I was the victim of the former and the perp of the latter.

    Therefore I humbly ask if any kind eleemosynary soul in the peanut gallery would like to pay WordPress on behalf of all of us who are loth to see silly, freakish, ironic or vile ads next to my content which really isn’t made ironic without loss of signal: the true story of a real person’s death. Which is a Thrillah even tho’ I don’t post from Manila.

    I would be honored if this was done. Get with me via email (spinoza1111@yahoo.com) if you can help.

  2. Sorry to hear your pain has become so much worse Edward. Which adds are you referring to? I can’t see any here.

    • spinoza1111 Says:

      They may never appear, Michelle. As a matter of fact I may have overreacted, since I would have to appeal to a Lower Common Denominator rather than the wise, the intelligent, the handsome (*leung zai*) and the beautiful (*leung neui*) as I do now with YaPCab and you to get the numbers they want ha ha.

      • spinoza1111 Says:

        Research reveals that in fact I did overreact. WordPress will start posting ads only if I get many more hits than I am getting now.

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